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WASHINGTON — It’s a rite of passage for executives in the hot seat: get hauled before Congress, sit for bipartisan tirades, squirm in the face of difficult questioning.

Over the past six months, lawmakers have dragged in former Equifax CEO Richard Smith, Wells Fargo’s Tim Sloan, and Amtrak’s Richard Anderson. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg could be the next one up.

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  • seriously? i think you’re misinformed.

    why haven’t pharma CEOs been investigated by the SEC and other governmental bodies? see: Bresch at Mylan, Pearson at Valeant and of course our favorite Shkreli at Turing.

    is that not enough? or are you suggesting that other CEOs are guilty of outrageous behavior and/or fraud?

    newsflash: CEOs are paid to deliver returns to investors, not to look saintly in the eyes of journalists.

    • I agree with Mr. King’s point. Congress did vet both Pearson and Shkreli heavily. Maybe the history is not as strong or tough as it should be. But it has not been been ignored as suggested.

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