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Intelligence Briefing: A conversation with the AACR

Join Sharon Begley, STAT senior science writer, and Dr. Elizabeth M. Jaffee, president-elect of the American Association for Cancer Research, for a live chat about cancer treatment. Dr. Jaffee will answer your questions on the latest advances in treatment and research, including CAR-T and immunotherapy, the AACR’s upcoming annual meeting, the Biden “cancer moonshot,” and more.

Read the chat archive below.

  • I vote no confidence in rhe cancer moonshot. Some of the worst offenders of reporting trials are nci and md anderson. Cancer research suffers from incoherentism paradigm paralysis functional silo syndrome confidence effects mathew wffect and planning effects. It is the personification of hubris syndrome greed and carelessness. I xan and will asl for my representatives in congress to reform cancer research.

  • allogeneic CAR_T i think GILD just did a deal to go for that off the shelff cart, so when you say not nearby whats the timeframe for such a cheaper cart?
    and what do you think of the cellectis approach that Pfizer just gave away ? this looks not so promissing , right? thank you

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