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Bill Gates was talking to President Trump in the Oval Office last month when the conversation turned to the notion of a universal flu vaccine — probably, as Gates recalled in an interview, “the longest conversation about universal flu vaccine that the president’s ever had.”

“You should associate yourself with American innovation. Wouldn’t you love to have the universal flu vaccine be something that really got kicked off and energized by you?” Gates recalled asking Trump.

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  • ~How can Bill Gates have two equal passions: Population Control (way fewer people on planet) and Population Health (please don’t die people!) ?????hmmmmmmm don’t they cancel each other out?
    He also has a third passion: Making Money.
    Let’s solve this puzzle…..
    Q~Can 2 of these passions be achieved under the guise of the 3rd passion? (HINT-figure out the guise)
    A~ Yes……. and it is working.

  • IF Trump goes along with this, I think Gates should give Trump the vaccine. Then Trump should give the vaccine to Gates, then Trump should give it to his beautiful little son, then Ivanka, then to Jared, etc.
    Let’s not forget that, Gates, provided he lives long enough to do it, vaccinates his own wife and kids. Now Gates needs to vaccinate the Council of 13 (12).
    And I do mean the very same vaccine they intend to give to all of us (mankind), not a pic of them receiving a saline vaccine.

    There you go, all the problems of mankind are solved.

    • I won’t take the current flu shot each year, let alone a “universal” flu shot. When did Bill Gates become an immunologist? No? Is he aware that there is no universal immune system? Stick to little electronic gadgets and widgets Bill.

  • What we need is AI to discover the microbiome in healthy people then use these norms to compare to diseased states. Then develop bacteriophages to attack the pathogens. there is already an inventory of bacteriophages and we need to add to it.
    Bacteria and viruses can change their protein configurations so they can avoid antibodies. Bacteria also can exchange DNA so the antibiotic resistant bacteria can pass the resistance to other bacteria.
    The microbiome comprises anywhere from 10 to 43 % of humans. Yet we know nothing about that part of us.
    The direction of research must change from the magic pill to discover what cells make up the human organism and how they interact.

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