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Bill Gates was talking to President Trump in the Oval Office last month when the conversation turned to the notion of a universal flu vaccine — probably, as Gates recalled in an interview, “the longest conversation about universal flu vaccine that the president’s ever had.”

“You should associate yourself with American innovation. Wouldn’t you love to have the universal flu vaccine be something that really got kicked off and energized by you?” Gates recalled asking Trump.

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  • Where do these people come from? (before replying, please learn the meaning of ‘rhetorical question’).

    • My comment above was in reply to a now-deleted silly post. It is not a comment about the article itself.

    • Perhaps he has already chosen how to spend his billions. Now we know how you’ll spend yours!

  • Anytime a leader meets with Trump nothing but malice will come of the meeting. Trump is nothing more than a thug who found a way in to legally trading arms and given greater access to the global underground.

  • I had written an earlier reply which was deleted. Perhaps it was deemed more offensive than Lloyd’s note, which I see is still posted.

    Perhaps there are no real problems, so we need to make some up.

  • Gates doesn’t do anything other than try to add to Microsoft profits. Africa is the last continent that underutilizes computers and that is why he is so concerned with “helping” its people( eventually use Windows). Also, talking personally with Trump lessens any slight shred of respect I ever had for Gates, and that was never much.

    • People can change. Gates is a better (and more multidimensional) person now. If we’re stuck with a billionaire president, Gates would be better than what we’ve got. At least he wouldn’t vaporize us in a hissy fit.

  • Vaccines are the greatest CRIME in the history of mankind. Mercury, aluminum, aborted baby cells, rat cells, monkey cells, dog cells, formaldehyde, antibiotics, preservatives, MSG and many other poisons are among the ingredients of the “vaccines.” BEFORE vaccines the proportion of AUTISTIC children in the United States was 1 in 15,000. AFTER vaccines, this ratio is already 1 in 36. The projection for 2025 is 1 in 2. That is, HALF of the population will be autistic in 2025, thanks to this poison called “vaccine”. The pharmaceutical industry makes more than $50 BILLION each year selling his vaccines to corrupt governments around the world. Vaccines destroy health completely, and are still INEFFECTIVE. They already ARE THE DISEASE, as it contains the living VIRUS of diseases. The fable that “vaccines eradicated diseases” is FALSE, totally and completely FALSE. The decline of the diseases occurred at the beginning of the last century was due to the improvement of life’s conditions, provided by the progress and beginning of the industrial revolution. Vaccines were only introduced AFTER the disease was almost eradicated. Read the DISSOLVING ILLUSIONS book to understand the subject.

    • To Plz…re “please see a doctor”

      Gates advising Trump on global health matters…and gets offer to be science adviser….

      Anyone who thinks that is a good idea certainly needs some kind of medicine, hahahahah! But who needs a “doctor”? Bill Gates seems to qualify….sheesh.

    • To PLZ: please read the book DISSOLVING ILLUSIONS, from Dr. Suzanne Humphries.

    • Jorge Elias is still quoting the Wakefield article like it wasn’t retracted. Sigh. I think ignorance is a greater threat to humankind than is a pandemic.

  • What is even more important than appointing a science adviser is believing in science and that there are people who can give you advice.

  • One must admire Mr. Gates for an evenhanded, non partisan, consistent approach applied over an extended period. To try and be successful with the current administration he even tried to frame his humanity wide efforts as a nationalistic effort. I believe he missed the mark however. If he told Trump that he could be the guy who cured the flu, new Federal funding would already be moving into place.

  • It was “the longest conversation about universal flu vaccine that the president’s ever had.”
    – he had to spend an hour to convince Trump that vaccines are not REALLY, REALLY BAD and a TOTAL DISGRACE
    – he had to spend an additional hour trying to make him understand that antibiotics are NOT useful against flu viruses.
    However, in the end it was just a complete waste of time as Trump has no idea what a vaccine, a virus, a pandemic or health policy do mean.

    We will call it THE FLU VACCINE, I just came up with it all by myself, but you know, I am a genius!

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