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The board of directors at Acorda Therapeutics has docked the pay of CEO Ron Cohen for a series of missteps that hobbled the drug maker last year.

Cohen was due to receive a 2017 bonus of just under $255,000 — about half of his customary bonus — because Acorda only achieved 40 percent of its corporate goals for the year, according to a proxy statement filed Friday.

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  • When the CEO of a company is not rewarded with a bonus, and is told that if the drug trials are deemed feasible for the use that patients will receive, and hopefully will be successful with the treatment protocol, then that is a significant justification for the pharmaceutical company to only reward the top executive any bonus, based on its efficacy. I hope that this is the way that all pharmaceutical companies reward the individuals who are employed by the companies, and/or removing them from their employment in the company.

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