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Every long and storied career in science started somewhere, and at STAT, we want to find those future superstars now.

STAT Wunderkinds 2018 is our yearly hunt for the best and brightest in biomedicine — the young postdocs, fellows, and early career industry scientists who are making waves and turning heads. These are the researchers who are making strides in everything from public health to artificial intelligence, all in the quest to cure disease and to make our lives healthier and happier.

For now, we’re looking at researchers only in North America. Last year’s cohort spanned a wide range of research interests, from improving health care access in the remotest areas to building synthetic organisms. We celebrated their successes at HUBWeek, Boston’s future-thinking festival.


The research projects these early-career scientists are involved in may change the face of medicine tomorrow. Help us recognize their contributions. Nominate a future Wunderkind now.