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WASHINGTON — Drug makers are ramping up their defense of Medicare’s prescription drug program with a new ad campaign set to launch in D.C. publications next week.

The “Let’s talk about Medicare” campaign from the industry’s main lobbying group, PhRMA, targets the Part D program, which covers seniors’ prescription costs.

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  • Aren’t these “christians” doing what Jesus would do?? Do they even remember the “Golden Rule”?? Is THAT how they want their families AND themselves treated?? These elected officials only seem to care about money and power. Is THAT doing “God’s Work”?!?

  • Regardless of the excuses and explanations from Pharmacy, greed is the only reason why they don’t want Medicare to lower the price. Unfortunately there are enough congressmen/ senators who are influenced by the pharma( greed again) that they will go with pharma.
    Pharma and congressmen are minting money while many older Americans are struggling financially.
    There is total disappearance of Conciousness . Not sure how politicians and pharma CEOs can sleep at night.
    Hope for any semblance of decency is fast disappearing

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