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WASHINGTON — President Trump is expected to deliver a major address on drug prices this week. And perhaps more than with any other president, Washington is wondering: What will he say?

There’s the version of the speech that top health officials have been touting and previewing for the last several weeks — the serious, “comprehensive strategy” that will result in a “profound modernization” of how the federal government pays for at least some drugs, to hear health secretary Alex Azar or FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb tell it.

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  • I expect the Prez to spark a drug war with suppliers in China, wherein we will hear of collusion against domestic pharma firms; he will mention tariffs against foreign pharma imports, but support the import of drugs from Russian and Eastern bloc pharma companies, to stem the tide of unemployed scientists from Europe coming into the US. He also will rail against therapeutic uses of cannabidiol that justify the demon weed and act to block any possible action by FDA, including import of cannabis-derived agents that are approved in other Western countries, until and unless he is appropriately compensated for his support. Ironically, he may also support growing massive amounts of cannabis for export because, you know, diffusion.

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  • still pretending there will be anything meaningful in what he will say?
    You will hear his usual bloated rhetoric about going away with murder and, drug prices will decrease so much that pharma companies will be paying you for using the drugs. And then, …. nothing will happen.
    Just be ready to buy low in the 24-48 hours after his speech, and sell a few days later when shares will go back where they were the day before the speech

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