ou know the Bill Gates who is so famous he’s been played by Anthony Michael Hall and Steve Sires. You may even know that Gates made a cameo appearance on the “Big Bang Theory.”

But do you know Bill Gates the movie buff?

In a recent conversation with STAT reporters and editors, Gates held forth for nearly an hour on a range of subjects, from polio to flu to smallpox. But he was most animated when the subject turned to movies about bioterrorism and pandemics.


“I watch a lot of movies,” Gates said.

Our chat covered only a handful of films, and he offered only thumbs-up. But he also offered a bit of truth-squadding:

For Steven Soderbergh‘s “Contagion”: “Actually very good.” (He questioned the “happy ending.”)

For Ron Howard’s “Inferno”: “Makes me laugh the most” for its “badass guys” from the World Health Organization.

For the TV series “24,” starring Kiefer Sutherland, he enthused that there was “a whole season” devoted to bioterrorism.

You can watch Gates talking about movies in the short video above. Enjoy the show.

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