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WASHINGTON — Daniel Best is suddenly leading the government’s campaign to bring down prescription drug prices. But nobody around town seems to know the guy.

While he’s a Washington outsider, he’s the very definition of a pharmaceutical industry insider, having spent the last 13 years working for pharmacy benefit managers, the middlemen who negotiate drug prices. Their secretive contracting and business practices have drawn suspicion from lawmakers and administration officials.


Best comes to government directly from CVS Health, where he worked on negotiating drug prices for seniors, following 12 years at the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. According to a financial disclosure form, his salary and bonuses at CVS ran just over half a million dollars. Now, he’s advising Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar on how to reduce prescription drug prices.

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  • And now he has been “suicided” by way of multiple blunt force traumas. Imagine that. I hope this gets investigated further as this surely seems like a hit job on this man who helped so many. We need to press for further inquiry.

  • Well , It seems to me that Danial Best is the man that can tell all ! Being that PBM’s are the problem to the drug pricing problem , Mr. Best ,without a doubt , should spill the beans on the PBM’s stealing tactics of paying pharmacies below they’re cost , charging pharmacies these d.i.r fees , that are so vague and frankly are not the pharmacies responsibility . PBM’s have
    no governmental agency setting down laws for them to follow . They do whatever they want !!! This is a disgrace , besides the fact that PBM’s want the independent pharmacy out of business !!! And they are accomplishing it !!!

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