Given that President Trump is famous for his Earth-shaking tweets, it seems appropriate to comb through Twitter reactions to his administration’s new drug pricing plan, which was unveiled Friday.

Many experts, analysts, and journalists noted the lack of detail in the proposals and the disconnect between Trump’s harsh words against drug makers and pharmacy benefit managers versus how the plan could actually affect industry players. They also pointed out that this plan is just that — any actual changes would need future regulatory moves or congressional action.

One proposal that caught people’s attention was the idea of requiring drug companies to disclose prices in their advertisements, though there were questions about that as well:


And then there were the usual partisan reactions. Ahead of the speech, Democrats were already pouncing on the Republican plans as weak and industry-friendly, while including digs at the tax plan approved by Congress and signed by Trump:

Republicans, meanwhile, credited the administration for a thoughtful yet evenhanded plan:

And then there was the spin campaign, with each sector of the greater pharmaceutical industry casting blame on the others. Back to business as usual:

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