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Amgen will charge $6,900 a year for a new drug that can spare migraine sufferers a few headaches each month, a price that comes in well below Wall Street expectations as the company hopes to avoid the payer backlash that has hamstrung recent drug launches.

In clinical trials, patients who took Amgen’s drug experienced about two fewer migraines per month compared to those who got placebo. Doctors have described the effect as modest, but the difference was enough to convince the Food and Drug Administration, which approved the treatment Thursday.

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  • It’s a well know fact that Big Pharma and their lobbyists rig drug prices by paying the Congressmen to look the other way and to benefit them and the drug companies. Don’t think it’s a good thing to announce that this product is “only” going to cost over $6000 a year when the majority of the general public will not be able to afford anywhere close to that. Pharma nor the Government give a darn about people who need medicines for pain, or illness. If they did, drug companies would have been regulated years ago.

  • My daughter has suffered debilitating migraines for years.Some so bad they are stroke like symptoms. How can we make this new drug with promise more cost effective for the consumer. This is like a car payment monthly!Are there any financial offerings or discounts available to help with cost?

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