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WASHINGTON — Claire McCaskill, the Democratic senator from Missouri, has spent the past 18 months investigating drug makers and distributors to determine what role they played in furthering the opioid crisis.

But her investigation into the Israeli drug company Teva — the world’s largest manufacturer of generic drugs — has largely been thwarted. For one, McCaskill said, Teva has stonewalled her efforts and refused requests to turn over documents detailing its efforts to prevent drug misuse and audits of suspicious orders for opioids.

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  • The DEA just killed me. Today, my doctor notified me, that even though I am legally judged by a federal judge to be 100% disabled because of severe abdominal pain in 1992, have had several surgeries and so many CT Scans, MRI’s, Colonoscopies, Endoscopies, Small Bowel Follow Thru’s and a zillion still X-rays and the DEA is RESTRICTING opioid medication to me effective July 1, this means I will no longer have a high enough dose to control the pain in my stomach, leaving me to die a miserable death because I no longer will be able to eat anything..

    Rather than wait unit the first of July and worry the whole time, I stopped my medicine yesterday at 1 PM, I no longer can eat anything, the pain is horendous… Why the hell in Gods name, would any government prevent a pain management doctor from prescribing pain legally to anyone so well documented as I am.. Are these DEA bastards in reality the Gestapo, that can kill people at will? Where the Hell is the President and the useless Congress?

    I used to have a lot of respect for the DEA, now they are just another bad cop with a badge.

    I may last one week or less, can’t tell you how disappointed I am in the people who now run this country, the DEA.

  • Lev, Subsys is not a patch — it’s a nasal spray. There is a 3-day fentanyl patch that has been a generic for over a decade — the brand was called Duragesic.

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