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WASHINGTON — As legislation to address the opioid epidemic gains momentum, drug makers, insurers, and other interest groups are engaging in a concerted drive to tailor the bills to their liking.

The effort, in some cases, has resulted in lawmakers softening, or entirely backing off, some of their most far-reaching proposals.


Members of Congress have advanced dozens of bipartisan bills that advocates say are needed, commonsense steps to address the public health crisis. Later this month, the House is likely to consider legislation that would speed approvals for non-opioid painkillers, strengthen drug enforcement programs, improve care for children impacted by addiction, strive to reduce prescription levels, and improve prescription monitoring programs.

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  • Too bad they’re all so busy STILL trying to push Big Pharma drugs to get rich instead of help people. They neglect to even mention the most effective and the least expensive Opiate treatment available. It’s been on the market since the 1930’s and is hundreds of dollars less per month than ANY other drug that they feel is better. For years Insurance companies denied payment for it saying that there was no ‘scientific evidence it worked’. (Sound familiar) The fact is, no one gets fat rich off a drug that’s lost it’s patient long ago and is a cheep drug that happens to work so well they don’t even want people to know about it. They do not even mention it…why, it’s known as the “Gold Standard Treatment for Opiate Addiction” So many of our politicians hold stock in these treatment drug companies so if they hold back on a cheap drug/treatment, that leaves only the one they get rich on for you to purchase.

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