ASHINGTON — The National Institutes of Health, thanks to Congress, will soon have an extra $500 million to spend each year on research into opioids and pain treatment. And on Tuesday, the research agency published a scientific outline showing how the increase in funding will be put to use.

An opinion piece published in the Journal of the American Medical Association adds detail to a previously announced initiative called Helping to End Addiction Long-term (HEAL), a combination of new and existing initiatives the NIH announced in April. Agency leaders wrote that the research will be split into two broad categories: improving addiction treatments and improving pain management.

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  • Thanks to all the heroin addicts, who od,the real suffering person is just that, suffering. Miserably. We are in pain, we want to live somekind of normal life and we are treated worse than ADDICTS. I live in horrible pain 24/7.. I can’t imagine what my life would be without something to help with my pain. I am a contributing member of society but I’m also treated like a drug abuser. Our GOVERNMENT is treating me like I’m a criminal am because I’m in pain? How about cruel and unusual punishment. It’s not fair, it’s not right. I was told many years ago that if your taking the medicine for pain you don’t get the “high” as the addicts. Someone needs to step in for the citizen’s who NEED THIS MEDICINE TO SURVIVE. PLEASE. Can someone help the suffering

  • It is wonderful that they are getting more money.But first they need to be taught there is a difference between the drug addicts and the pain sufferers.They are two totally different situations.What works for one doesn’t work for the other.And I want to know how much time will it be before something that actually works to relieve the pain is found.The current program of taking away the only thing that gives a pain sufferer relief and not being able to offer an alternative which actually works is cruel, inhumane, torturous, and possibly a civil rights violation.As pain sufferers with no option except to suffer we are running out of time for them to help many of us.It is truly a sad situation and needs to be addressed as people are dying needlessly and it will continue until something that really relieves pain can be offered.

  • My pain is 24/7 and is unbearable have no quality of life livin in this pain . Being treated as a piece of crap for needin help to live w horrible pain . I need my medication so i can live w my pain. Not rt. Taking my rts away to be helped by my Dr. My painis real and im suffuring from u dictating what works for me. Not everyones pain is the same. DISAPPOINTED IN THIS SYSTEM .PURE SADDNESS

  • I live in PAIN 24/7..Broken all but 7 BONES in body.I SUFFER and NOW DUE to ADDICTS , I feel I AM being treated as one too..HELP !!! I NEED MY MEDS…

    • Please look into kratom. It’s natural, been used for thousands of years in Asia, and for decades in the US. Side effects are similar to caffiene. If you want to take back your life, and live normally again, look at true information about kratom. American Kratom Association is a good source.

  • At 61-year-old I have no where to turn. Opiates have taken my life and left me miserably sad with depression and fatigue. After surgery decades ago I was told the pain killer’s were non-addictive. My search for help has been a dead end road. So sad.

  • it seems the goverment intervention in pain medication has already started the trend of people in chronic pain commiting suicide so please tell me how that helps the problem i take my meds so i can have a quality of life and get out of bed not to get high .I want to spend time with my grandbabies and my kids.Prehaps if the goberment actually talked to people who are in pain before they pass thease truly ridiculous laws they might understand

    • I feel the same way Im 71yrs of age Ca. will not help me. So I have go to live with my daughter in Mo. to try and help me I have a IHSS worker but I need 24hr care. I wont go into a nursing home.

    • I agree I have no quality of life because I’m s chronic pain patient with 3 serious disease’s and steel in my back and leg

      There are. Going to be a lot more suicides and homicides. The new opiate law should not effect the chronic pain patients. Bonnie try hospice

  • I feel that the people that have taken advantage of there pain meds are making the people that really need there to function each day suffer now it’s not fair I agree addiction needs to be addressed but I want to see is that the people including myself are Givin something to help us with are chronic pain so we can function and do are normal activities,I not sure that anyone is thinking about the money that is going to be spent on care givers to help those that are not able to function or do normal activities anyway those are my thoughts

  • Law send more time on legislation when a real problem is street drugs like heroin cocaine meth and a bunch of other drugs I shouldn’t even try to name and all they do is just keep passing the buck doctors are not the enemies it’s the chemicals that people create on the streets or in the backyard in the lab in the basement innocent people have pain problems all their lives can’t even function in society and they have to be persecuted just like back in the biblical day it’s always blaming somebody else

    • I absolutely agree with you totally this coming from a recovering addict who was madly in love with heroin I got it on my Owen did it myself that’s that no Dr had anything to do with it. I’ve had children and surgerysprior to my addiction to heroin and it had nothing to do with it. I now am suffering in mad pain from s horrible accident broken neck etc. And the physicians I had were wonderful but it really worried my heart n soul the people appointed by God our healers are terrified to give anyone a pain pill even ten min. Early when I say true fear n terror I witnessed in these compassionate by nature people’s eyes it saddened me. Now doing this with no meds is about to kill me and more than once the thought of going to them old streets has crossed my mind??? Damn if you do and Damn if you don’t.

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