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When Kate Strayer-Benton arrived at a Boston nightclub last Wednesday night for a party for attendees of the BIO International Convention, she was expecting to see extravagant costumes. The annual party — called the Party At BIO Not Associated With BIO, or PABNAB for short — after all, has a reputation for bringing over-the-top themes and festivities to an industry networking event.

But Strayer-Benton was shocked and frustrated by what she saw: At least two topless women dancing on mini-stages, their bodies painted with logos of several of the companies that had sponsored the party.

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  • I’m just shakin’ my head…. There’s a reason Rush Limbaugh uses the term “feminazis”, and it sure fits Strayer-Benton. She’s entitled to her opinion, but her opinions are NOT facts. In the face of the huge rip-offs and exploitations and empty promises that are the stock-in-trade of PhRMA, some topless female dancers with corporate logos painted on their bodies, are at most tiny symptoms of a larger social decay. I also don’t think there’s as many “trolls” as a couple other commenters here have suggested. I truly believe that “feminazi” theory, as espoused here by Strayer-Benton, is far less legitimate and popularly supported than the lame-stream media wants you to believe. What a load of HOO-HAW about NOTHING important!….

  • Has everyone here missed the other (related) STAT article?

    The victims are not the dancers, the victims are the young female researchers who have fought their way through a system that undermines them, experienced discrimination (see article linked above) and then are shown the perpetual message from society that women are valued for their bodies, not their brains. The victims are young girls who will lose role models as women drop out of an industry that feels it doesn’t value them or their contributions as scientists. The victims is society that will miss out on contributions from the full spectrum of scientific thought and innovation by missing this diversity.

    For the comment below: It belongs on an article about drug prices, not here. Don’t deflect attention away from this issue by bringing up something that is unrelated.

    • Well stated. The victims are the women researchers and any other woman in biotech. They are always marginalized and not taken seriously and this organization’s party merely proves what they think about women. If you are a professional woman and signing off on this kind of tasteless action, then you must be a porn actress. This is not art anymore because men view it otherwise and then turn and look at you and view you otherwise.

  • I’m new to the industry and think that from a place of common decency, this event is beyond inappropriate. Me too is real and those of you ever harassed at the workplace or earning 67 cents to the dollar should think about how this types of event may undermine your credibility as a female professional and/or your ability to be valued as what you are worth.

  • LOL. The real pig here looks to be, Kate Strayer-Benton, who acted all offended by dancers and not by her own company’s (Momenta) $63,000 a year me-too “generic” drug.

    Glatiramer Acetate used to cost $10,000 in 1996, and now cost $78,000 in 2017, according to the Dennis Bourdette’s presentation to the Senate Committee on Healthcare.[1] Yikes! Your generic costs somewhere on the order of $63,000, and you didn’t even invent the drug!

    Momenta and Kate, don’t you think this is more offensive than some girls dancing?

    Kate Strayer-Benton, how many young women’s education would a year’s sales of your extraorbitantly priced generic? How about you guys dial the miserable fake outrage and focus on the real hurt being put on patients and their families every year by people like Kate?


  • These amazingly talented women CHOOSE to do this for a profession. They work hard and frankly all of this “disgust” is embarrassing for those feeling it. These women are proud and confident. The artist who spent HOURS painting them is amazingly talented and the women who can’t handle another strong, sexually confident, woman should stop hating on them. You don’t want to take your top off for art, don’t. Don’t hate on women who feel empowered by their bodies and their professions. This article and this woman’s outrage are the real
    disgusting problems here.

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