Geron, a California-based biotech working on a treatment for blood disorders, is still trying to convince Johnson & Johnson to commit millions of dollars more to advance the development of imetelstat, the biotech’s only pipeline product.

New imetelstat data presented on Sunday don’t help Geron’s case.

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  • It is somewhat – though not completely surprising – that you don’t realize the Acceleron/Celgene and Geron/JnJ drugs/trials target two different subsets of the MDS population. And the toxicity issues are well known and manageable. Anything that kills cancer is toxic. There is a valid argument to view Geron skeptically, you just do a poor job making it.

  • Whoever you are Adam,
    Thats easy for you to say, when there are patients is great need of a solution, and time is of the essence for me and them. Otherwise, that would likely be considerd manipulation and securities fraud.

  • Adam,
    You are not stating the complete story regarding the safety issues you reported since you did not mention the recovery period of Neutrophils & Platelets being <4 weeks in 92% and 74% of patients respectively.

    per Geron
    "Cytopenias, particularly neutropenia and thrombocytopenia, were the most frequently reported adverse events which were predictable, manageable and reversible"

    These are serious omissions that can effect patent decisions so if you are going to blast generalizations please refrain. Otherwise please take the time to report the full story.

    A concerned patient

    • Guys, Adam is hired by JNJ to discredit GERN, so that the acquisition is cheaper. Relax.

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