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WASHINGTON — The House spent much of the last two weeks passing dozens of bills aimed at addressing the opioid crisis, an effort top lawmakers from both parties have long identified as a priority.

Many are consensus proposals, though a few have generated controversy. Some are substantial in their scope, though many fund pilot programs or studies, or enact grants for which funding will expire within years.


Outside experts, while applauding Congress for its focus on the issue, say they believe the current package fails to match the scope of the current crisis.

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  • I think this is just what the government wants. The suicides from pain will be high. But hey let’s reduce the overpopulation. Our government is corrupt. Anyway to keep their money coming in. They don’t care how they do it and don’t care who they step on to get it. I don’t feel this is a government…its dictatorship.

  • I have been on opioid for years. 3 surgeries in same spot. Metal in my back. Severe arthritis, fibromyalgia. My Dr was shut down under investigation. Because of the crisis I can’t even find a pcp that will take me because of the prior opioid use. It is not fair to the people on Medicare and Medicaid that really need it. People that are well off can get those drugs without or with a Dr because they pay for it. The government is only stopping the poor people who are left out in the cold and can’t do a thing about it. I was told I would get help but that never came. Doctors are afraid and of course the government only sees things one way. The ones who abuse it will get it. The ones who need will suffer.

  • Why do you want me to stop living my life? I can’t do anything without pain medication . Please don’t do this to my family and me . I have MS and my back has alot wrong. Please listen to the people who live in pain everyday

  • This opioid crisis is real. People that want the help should have access to getting help. Like the first commenter above said Medicare won’t even help pay for methadone let alone foot the entire monthly bill. Methadone is an option for chronic pain sufferers that their doctor won’t, can’t, or is afraid of the government regulations prescribe you the proper medications. Even half the monthly bill would be great. Especially when you never had a dirty urinalysis for long periods of time. That proves you are serious about your treatment goals or contempt with the opioid instead of Doctor shopping like most addicts attempt. Talking or giving 1/3 of your limited income is serious stuff especially when you don’t have extra cash monthly. We need help and something tells me that if I were in some caravan invasion line south of the border I would get fast monthly HELP at the drop of a hat. Hmmm something doesn’t seem fair in America anymore? Please Congress/Senate do your job and help the people that put you there. Americans first please!

  • Where can long time methadone maintenance, who shows it works for someone hooked for 25 years on opioids, get a break on the cost if they aren’t on medicare or medicaid. I pay $105 weekly some linger months it comes to we’ll over $500. I get a break ($2 dollars a day) because I get take homes and always give a clean urine. I
    make $1500 a month. That is a 1/3 of my Gross income. Ridiculous, but necessary.
    Thanks for listening and for taking steps to help some.

  • My Physician has prescribed morphine sulphate for 5 years, advising I would need it for the remainder of my life. Now I’ve been referred to a pain specialist who is telling me the government is forcing physicians to reduce the amount until it is no longer prescribed, as government will disallow it completely within a year. At present it has been reduced to half, and decreased my mobility by a similar percent. The theory is to wean addicts from it, but when it’s taken to prevent pain, then taken away, where does that leave those who genuinely suffer debilitating pain. Every physician I’ve spoken with say the government is insane behaving as if it knows better than physicians what patient needs are, but are threatened with loss of license if they don’t do as government dictates.

    Having given a lot of thought, and research to try and understand government motives. AG Jeff Sessions claims it is to save lives. However according to the CDC, in a same year Opioids abuse attributed to 33000 deaths, Alcohol Abuse attributed to 88000 deaths, yet Jeff Sessions ignores this fact, and is silent on Alcohol Abuse deaths. This removes all credibility to the moral cause of Jeff Sessions crusade against Opioids.

    One wonders, Seeing the US Military guarding the Poppy Fields in Afghanistan, thereby Controlling Supply. This means the government is buying the opioid production of Afghanistan that’s said to be 80% of world production. Why this is one only need Follow the Money.

    It appears gov is supplying the drug cartels via cia clandestine operations as they’ve been proven to do in the past. While another arm of gov in the dea busts the street dealers, raking in billions its said, in unaccounted for money, that disappears into the shadows of the shadow gov. When the US Treasury should be the direct recipient of all illegal drug bust money, and count it as income, to be used to pay down the deficit, and be placed in the Congressional Budget, but that doesn’t happen! Yet it Should. A reverse laundering of illegal money, returning it to the legitimate economy, yet that doesn’t happen!

    Looking at that, one wonders why gov wants to stop lawful prescriptions, as it certainly is not for the moral reason gov claims, otherwise gov would Prohibit Alcohol that causes three times as many deaths.

    So why prohibit lawful prescriptions! Once again, Follow the Money. By gov cutting off the lawful supply, gov creates a New Black Market Demand, which gov knows people will resort to the street for pain relief, or the alternative of suicide, as a known fact.

    By controlling the Supply, cutting it off, gov seeks to Control Demand, and the magnified Profits by creating Demand from the street, while the gov arm of the dea rakes in More Profits busting the street dealers. Once more there will be No Accounting of the billions in profits that disappear down the rabbit hole to the control of the shadow government, rather than returned to the Treasury, and entered into the Congressional Budget, and pay down the deficit, as Should be done.

    The Shadow Government (Globalists) are operating in plain view, having the vested interest placed in the Attorney General who is the primary operative of the Shadow Government Funding through his New War on Drugs focused on depriving Americans living with debilitating pain, to have no relief, and increased suffering. As he infamously made the stupid remark, telling anyone using lawfully prescribed Opioids, “take 2 Aspirin & Tough it out”! As if he knows more, and better that Studied Learned, Licensed Physicians!

    One would easily conclude the AG is a Moron for that kind of remark … But when one Follows the Money, it appears the AG is not the moron he pretends to be, but far worse, a Criminal in one of the Highest Offices of the Land, in charge of the flow of money in his New War on Drugs, but his favored drug has become his crusade for Profits flowing to the hands of those in the shadow government, used to fund God knows what in all the covert schemes!
    Think about that!

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