Acceleron Pharma said Thursday that its experimental drug luspatercept significantly reduced the need for blood transfusions in patients with the blood disease myelodysplastic syndrome, meeting the primary goal of a Phase 3 clinical trial.

Based on the study results, Acceleron and partner Celgene plan to submit luspatercept for approval in the U.S. and Europe in the first half of 2019.

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  • Clegene is just trying to get a little cash back from its investment. Your a terrible researcher man Imetelstat has a 60% reduction in RBC transfusion burden. Acceleron’s trial is showing 30%> I have no idea why people listen to you, you have a lot of followers but your misleading them for your own purposes. Some paitients in the IMetelstat 1/2 phase trial have 104 weeks complete independence and your Acceleron trial did 48 at best. Will it get approved, yep probably because it is better than Revlimid, however, expect another fast track designation for Imetelstat in treating MDS. As for the seperation LOLOLOLOL (RETARD) they Janssen just enrolled another 25 patients for 24 moths dip shi# I doubt very much they are canceling 4 weeks after enrollment… PEOPLE THIS GUY IS A CLOWN AND LEADING YOU DOWN A PATH OF BULLSHI%

  • Why no skepticism since they did not share data or specifics? I recall very skeptical articles about other companies in the same space when they presented actual data. Your article seems to be a simple restating of the press release.

  • Your advertisers are being damaged by associating with your site. Mr Feuerstein is an embarrassment to columnist who give accurate and COMPLETE information about biotech information. However, his knowledge allows him to give enough to show interest to your page, but his blatant use of manipulated information in the interest of his or his cohorts investments is appalling. Any visits to your site or to columns written by him or writers like him are likely for amusement or circus goers and not for anyone seeking true information about biotech. Your advertisers should be furious and demand their money back.

  • What’s up AF, have no interest in causing this stock to plummet, in full concern of your investing client base? SMH

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