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WASHINGTON — The National Institutes of Health has hit a series of ethical snags in recent years, with questions about whether work funded by nonprofit groups has come with too many conditions attached or otherwise failed to meet certain ethical standards.

Congress has taken notice.

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  • Groups like shatterproof,,or all the addiction warehouses,,or former employee’s of the N.I.H.,, many on Shatterproof,,,GOOD,,, investigate all of them on the addiction side of thee INDUSTRY ,,for they are all about the prohibition of the MEDICINE opiates,,,as all us Cpp,,can tell…When we have Session sayen there are no chronic pain patients,,,,just addicts,,,, u bet their being paid off..think how many doctors are sitting in jail rite now,,,from trump up charges created by propaganda from these addiction phonies,,and approx.,,40,000 more suicides per capita compared to years BEFORE,,since these financial contributions from people w/opiatephobia disorder ,,,which have contributed financial/lobbying thus excessive regulation and complete violation of hippa laws,,,,not to mention the violation of several Constitutional laws,,,ethic violations, laws etc,,,,all by those in the so-call non-profit addiction industry,,,,maryw

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