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Even in the boardrooms of Pfizer, they had to have expected President Trump’s Twitter outburst on Monday. If anything, the Pfizer executives set themselves up to be a target.

Let’s look back to the end of May, when Trump promised that some big drug makers would take “voluntary, massive” price cuts in two weeks.


Well, it’s been close to six weeks and, so far, most large brand-name drug makers have not heeded his call, although few companies raised prices by any meaningful amount, either. This is a time of year, after all, when the pharmaceutical industry traditionally increases prices.

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  • The most corrupt regime ever has no intention of doing anything that could interfere with the profits of the most corrupt industry ever. Perhaps someone should take a look at how much money Pharma lobbyists spent influencing our elected officials. They wine and dine journalists too, and the effects can be seen in small town newspapers.

  • It appears that drugs are less expensive in Canada. My question is why. Make it legal for American physicians Rx’s to be filled in Canada. How about taxing drug companies the difference between the price of their drugs in Canada or any other country and the cost in the U.S.

    • Drugs are less expensive in Canada because there is essentially only a single payer negotiating drug prices – the Canadian government. This is not how the US market for drugs operates…it could be, but that would require some significant cultural changes.

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