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WASHINGTON — Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, has left a trail of rulings and opinions concerning the Food and Drug Administration, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers in his dozen years on the District of Columbia circuit court.

At one point, Kavanaugh urged judges to defer to the FDA and other scientific agencies, largely on the grounds that courts could not compete with the agencies’ expertise. He also sided with the FDA in a case over whether the agency should be forced to provide access to an unapproved drug.

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  • Kavanaugh is beholden to Trump who owns him and shares most of his views.
    Women will make his life a living hell.

  • This article seems to suggest that Brett Kavanaugh is an independent thinker, with respect for science and experts, and therefore he will not be a yes man for the Trump admin.

    With respect, even judges are human, which means that they have the right to change their mind.

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