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The relationship between President Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, and Novartis was more extensive than the drug maker previously disclosed, and the company issued misleading statements about the relationship, according to a report issued by Senate Democrats on Friday.

Dozens of emails and other documents revealed that the agreement between Cohen and Novartis was longer and more detailed than had been previously stated. Moreover, Novartis explicitly sought to hire Cohen to gain access to “key policymakers” and provided him with ideas for lowering drug costs, which later appeared in the Trump administration blueprint that was developed to address the issue.

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  • Hopefully no one is too surprised. These corrupt corporations get what they pay for. No one seems to be paying attention to the uptick in Pharma advertising, including Advertorials in major media. It looks like Pharma now owns our regulatory boards, and our mass media. This is what a “Market Driven” healthcare industry looks like. The negative outcomes are just bad for business, or as they put it at the industry funded meetings, could lead to “liability.”

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  • The depth of the information about this topic is being assessed, and there must be accountability for those who have been involved in this subterfuge.

    Hopefully, we will sooner than later be reading the outcome of the individual who were in collusion with the activities of what has to be addressed in a court of law, at least.

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