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For years, Sonia Vallabh has been working to save her life. Vallabh has a type of brain illness called a prion disease — specifically, one called fatal familial insomnia.

Since the illness killed her mother and a genetic test showed she carried the same mutation, she and her husband, Eric Minikel — both prion researchers at the Broad Institute — have been working to find a possible treatment. But details about their work had been kept quiet until last week, when they revealed their years-long partnership with Ionis Pharmaceuticals (IONS).

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  • Many, many, many UNITED STATES Military
    men and women WERE possibly exposed to the MAD COW disease epidemic while station in Great Britain during the mid 80’s. Because of the possible exposure to the prion, they are NOT allowed to give blood. Did you know this? I just want to read this
    one article.

    Thank you

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