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WASHINGTON — When President Trump delivered his much-ballyhooed address on drug prices in May, even supporters conceded there were more question marks among his policy ideas than concrete proposals.

But over the past week, the Trump administration has begun to put some periods at the ends of the sentences.

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  • Why not go the whole hog and get rid of PBMs.
    They just make work/money from financial negotiations
    about who pays what money to whom. Parasites!
    Who needs them anyway? Just negotiate direct with the company.
    No brainer.

    Biopharma has been hugely successful in blocking FDA from
    introducing sensible approval procedures for Biosimilars.
    EMA has been regulating them competently for many years.
    Over there the political will to work for the public good
    is alive and well of course.
    Nevertheless, DT says time is up, dudes.

    Small steps which may lead to giant leaps in mind set.

    • It is not easy to eliminate PBMs. They have a stranglehold on legislators in our legally corrupt political system. Only way at least I see is ease them out. Slow death could be a way.

      On Biopharm and Biosimilars pharma have a stranglehold like PBMs. Greed and greed is their way to fleece patients. Ironically not very many patients outside the developed countries can afford their offerings. They don’t have mutually subsidized system.

  • Direct importation of generics that can bypass the PBMs and selling via PillPack ( Amazon subsidiary) could make a HUGE dent in drug pricing. PBMs will resist and challenge importation as being unsafe. However, based on import records the drugs could be imported at about one fourth the price and sold in the US.

    I presented my perspective earlier this year in the linked blog.

    Improving Drug Affordability for the United States Populous through Alternate Business Models :
    Things can happen if an effort is made.

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