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WASHINGTON — The Trump administration wants to expand its cuts to a controversial drug discount program that benefits hospitals.

Its latest proposal, out Wednesday, centers on the so-called 340B program, which forces drugmakers to give some safety net and not-for-profit hospitals discounts on nearly all their drugs. Federal programs reimburse them for the same medicines at a higher rate, and hospitals say they use the spread to pay for charity care and other services.

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  • Im 67 yrs old..have been on 10 mg of Percisets three times a day for 10 yrs. I have CPS..SRLS..FIBROMYALGIA..OSTEOARTHRITIS…PTSD..Had CANCER..Had BACK BROKE IN 5 PLACES…TWO SHOULDER REPLACEMENTS coming up…TWO TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENTS..Yet because Of the GOVERNMENT messing with my Pain Meds I cant live a half way NORMAL LIFE. When did the GOVERNMENT become a DOCTOR? I know there are people that abuse drugs there always will be. IM NOT ONE OF THEM…..I HAVE BEEN TOTALLY CUT OFF..Now I cant do any thing. THANK YOU FOR NOTHING. COME ELECTION TIME MY VOTE WANT BE FOR ANYONE THAT HAS BEEN INVOLVED WITH THIS.

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