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Two years ago, federal drug authorities said they would consider licensing new suppliers of marijuana grown for scientific purposes, a move seen as an acknowledgment of the need for additional rigorous research into potential medical uses and risks of cannabis and its components.

Hope you weren’t holding your breath.


The Drug Enforcement Administration still has not granted additional licenses for a grow operation, despite receiving more than two dozen applications in the year after it announced it was open to approving one. The agency told STAT it had stopped accepting new applications and referred additional questions about licenses to the Justice Department, which did not return requests for comment.

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  • The article highlights the problem of lack of action at the DEA but misses the main problem about the NIDA monopoly. NIDA can only provide marijuana for academic research, not for commercial sales. FDA requires Phase 3 studies to be conducted with the exact same product that would be marketed if the Phase 3 studies prove safety and efficacy. Until the NIDA monopoly ends, no domestically produced marijuana can ever be made into an FDA-approved medicine. The US, AG Sessions, are giving away a major industry and lots of US jobs to foreign companies.

  • I do not feel that science has taken into account the projected health care cost of people who inhale marijuana smoke it. The cost 20 to 30 40 years from now all of the damage that will be done because of people being high all the time. The health care dollar will increase astronomically because, I will be paying more for taxes, my children will my grandchildren my great great grandchildren to take care of those people because of their sick habit. I think they should get their own health care and not be on welfare. I can barely go into a store or into a parking lot or drive on a street, to go to a store with out being assailed with the stench of marijuana. There is no where where I can drive or any of my friends can drive without that stench. I think scientific funds should be put in to how to have those people that choose to do that keep their stench out of my house and off of my property. They can do all they want but keep it out of my house and off of my property. Keep it out of my breathing space because I do not want to breathe inhale that. They have no right to pollute my breathing space!!!
    Their right to suck on that poison, stops where my right to breathe began!!!!

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