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Geron raised a ton of money through dilutive stock sales in the second quarter — a signal that management has low confidence for extending the lifespan of its partnership with Janssen, the pharma arm of Johnson & Johnson.

Before the current quarter ends, Janssen will decide if it wants to commit millions of dollars more to co-develop the experimental blood disease drug imetelstat with Geron. Or, the pharma giant will choose to walk away, returning rights to the drug to Geron.

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  • It’s simple… AF must bash the stock down so he and his big$ bankers can cover before price breakout… leaving majority if not all of his followers with empty pockets! I suppose this is what you get for following an individual that is in it for manipulating prices. GLTA AF followers!~

  • Maybe Adam needs to refresh his memory on his own comment regarding the rule he and his partner Dr. Ratain made – reference this 2013 article from Motley Fool to see what Adam said back then. Adam’s quote from that article sure sounds a lot like JNJ and Geron…and Geron’s market cap may not be a billion but it’s more than 300M.

    And if the “fund raising” activity is the primary focus of this article and in fact reason for Geron’s eventual demise, then (1) why were they listed on the updated pipeline after that fund raising activity took place (2) why is Janssen actively applying for patents after the fund raising activity (3) and why is Janssen all set to actively recruit for the next phase? Seems like not only is Adam ignoring his own rule but he’s also ignoring several other positive markers that all occurred and have updates after the fund raising activity he’s referring to.

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