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Rep. Chris Collins was at the congressional picnic at the White House when he got the bad news.

It was June 22, 2017, and Innate Immunotherapeutics, an Australian biotech company in which he had heavily invested, was in a crisis. The company’s in-development drug, meant to treat multiple sclerosis, turned out to be no better than placebo in a large clinical trial. The study results were confidential, emailed only to Innate’s board of directors, of which Collins was a member.


“Wow. Makes no sense,” Collins replied to the board. “How are these results even possible???”

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  • ‘How are these results even possible?’

    If you are dumb, ignorant and invested in a company that every properly knowledgeable bioscientist would have found laughably fishy, very much possible!

  • Every member of Congress/Senate practices insider trading. Peter Schweizer’s book unveiled this practice. While Congress got together a law to forbid this practice, the bill never got a vote, or as a portion of the larger bill was omitted. How do you think these bozos get rich? They’re all pretty disgusting.

    • Exactly. I think there should be an index fund for each member of Congress and it buys and sells totally in parallel -maybe even one day before Congressmen & women can make trades.

      That way any American can get rich the way members of Congress do.

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