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Scientists have discovered that cancer cells can release tiny weapons called exosomes that target immune cells before they have a chance to reach a tumor.

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  • This news is something that we could have ever known about, until we were able to read the outcome of the research that has been replicated by others time and time again. Long ago the colleagues that were in our programs at the medical school where such hypotheses were not as invested in by the medical community of research. Primarily because at that time most hospitals and medical schools were focused on their becoming the premier place to be for heart procedures that seemingly dominated the organizations with which I was familiar, during those times, in the primary focus on the heart and lung diseases, and the transplant experience that they were known for as being the hospital to go to with that topic, which dominated the almost entire medical research of heart and respiratory diseases.

    With this approach to discovery of just what could be treated successfully, is another opportunity for those of us who have been afflicted with the very same diseases that this current topic has been addressed as successful beyond what has ever been up to the current era. Exciting and filled with the hope of continued success with every single experiment that confirms the outcome data as successful.

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