GRESHAM, Ore. — There is little Laura Dolph has not tried to escape her physical pain. Tylenol, occupational therapy, oxycodone. A chiropractor. Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation. Methadone, Advil, physical therapy, Tylenol with codeine. A prescription fentanyl patch that didn’t work because its adhesive made her break out in hives.

For almost two years, heroin. Twice, in the mid-1990s, suicide.

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  • I was on methadone 16 years. I had a life. My problems all started w being OFF methadone. I’m in pain every minute of the day and night. I’ve been suicidal and it’s not from depression, but bc I can never escape this pain..what are we supposed to do? Opioid crisis is not chronic pain patients, but then of course you all know that.

  • We. All need to band together an stop this tapering an stopping are. Cronic pain meds that keep us with Quilty of life there for the harm that it would do each an everyone of us is unreal what will the state get out of it or the government I’m sever disabled at the of 16 broke back up harittion rods foot long each side of spine 2 surgery later could not walk for 6 months the time got to 40 full scillous 3 curves on my spine the panic I have you state people would no What do bout it I have broke up neck in 84 wreck 2 surgery later had learn to walk all over agine have had fission s on both now I need scillous surgery complete reconstrion but they can’t do it cuz my bones are not strong enough to handle 32 screws in the bones they would break apart I walk very few stepslegs don’t pick up drag them along my back is hunch over in half the pain every minute of the day night take away my little bottle of pills for pain you all from state should shot to death I couldn’t hold my grandkids enjoy the Nice days with my family you get picture don’t stop Cronic pain meds for us al

  • As a former chronic pain patient, suffering for years with undiagnosed ( or not being diagnosed properly), with both rheumatoid arthritis, and finally cervical radiculopathy, l eventually got MRIs confirming, my debilitating pain. A spinal fusion did remove that pain, but knew the 5 years I suffered,taking up to 20 ibuprofen a day, caused permanent damage to kidneys, and the lining of my stomach. My psychiatrist, ordered these tests, and referred me to a team of clinicians, among them a physical therapist, neurologist, and neurosurgeon. I took opioids for 2 years and they saved my life. That was 2015.I had excellent insurance, with many doctors involved. No opioids are needed from me today. Became a chronic pain patient advocate, emphasising a good diet, exercise, and awareness to others with chronic disease states. Please answer me, why for 4-5 years,” The Opioid epidemic”, that CDC reported in 2016,is not challenged for it’s faulty data? Heroin, street laced Fentanyl compounds, were more the cause., Of the ” Opioid epidemic. Please check with CDC, for their redacted 2016 report. Thank you for article.

    • Why are they blaming pills that save those of us who really need them? Where can we go to air the truth on the opioid crisis?

  • Thank you for this comprehensive article on chronic pain and opioids. In December of 2017 my morphine was stopped. The 1 mg daily dosage of Clonazapam was stopped at the same time. I was taking 300 mg of morphine daily for the pain of Charcot-Marie-Tooth type 1b for 15 years. I had no physical effects except a reduction in pain…it was like taking Tylenol. No high. Therefore, I never once requested a prescription before it was due to be filled.

    When they stopped the morphine and Clonazapam I went into an immediate withdrawal that lasted over 8 months. I slept about 100 hours in that time period. I did wear a fentanyl patch, though it’s dosage was reduced each month until it stopped at the end of the 8th month. A month later I took 62 10mg oxycodone tablets that had been prescribed for breakthrough pain when my withdrawal began. I had saved them so that when the pain was most severe I would have something to get through it, knowing those few pills would have to last me the rest of my life.

    Suicide was attractive at that time. The paramedics revived me 15 minutes before my death. I was in the ICU for 2 days on a constant Narcan infusion and oxygen. When I returned home to continue caring for my husband, an advanced Parkinson’s patient, I was angry, depressed, confused by a medical community who refused to uphold their oaths. And to put icing on this cake, I received a letter from my local hospital that I would never again be prescribed – or administered – any opioid for any reason.

    The withdrawal exacerbated my disease significantly, so now I deal with more disability. It also gave me Restless Leg Syndrome and chronic intestinal problems. I use CBD, but it doesn’t alleviate much of the pain. Now I have to sit much of my day, as leg pain is severe with too much activity.

    For many years I had a decent quality of life and was able to sleep eight hours a night. Now I hope for six half-decent hours, and will only realize that by using a significant dose of cannabis oil, thc, and 30 mgs of Doxipin. More Doxipin might help with sleep, but I will not ask for an increase as I’m fearful they’ll take that from me as well, citing addiction behavior.

    “First do no harm.” They are violating their oaths and turning their backs on millions of people who suffer and just want to live with some quality of life. This is disgraceful and immoral, and the suicides produced by reckless and uncaring policies are rising. I may be there again one day. And they don’t care.

    Kathleen Connor

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