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WASHINGTON — President Trump is asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to file a federal lawsuit against certain companies that supply and manufacture opioids.

Speaking during a Cabinet meeting Thursday, Trump said he’s directing Sessions to file a separate lawsuit, rather than joining existing lawsuits filed by states affected by the spread of the often-lethal, highly addictive drugs.

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  • It looks like unpopular opinions that don’t follow the current false narrative are being ignored. One mass media outlet ran that deaths attributed to opiates are up to 76K this year, and surely conservative media outlets are already amplifying that. This just another Reality TV stunt, that has already killed thousands. No one spoke up back in 2000 demanding Science or Evidence Based Drug Treatment, Pain Care or Medical Care. Now look what we got!
    We are all being Gas Lighted by this guy, and his corporate friendly, insiders, who have already profited from the lack of information. The so called Opiate Epidemic, where they don’t make a distinction between Heroin and Prescription Drugs, is by design. It is almost Genocidal, they way so many American are dying not only from Heroin , but Alcohol, Accidents, and Suicide. Thanks to the War on Drugs, which was as ineffective as the War on Terror, we have more people dying.
    The Facts are still not adequately covered, since they might embarrass an advertiser, or expose the flaws in the Corporate Healthcare Scam. They want to let the addicts die, along with injured workers, older people, and at the same time all of the Medicare and Medicaid are allowed to suffer, in agony. They are even doing surgery without anesthesia, it could lead to addiction, but only for low income people. The mass media had a field day with this, using death and despair to generate clicks on Facebook, and attract attention in order to sell everything from quack cures to spine surgery.

    Physicians have yet to stand up, instead they joined the popular crowd, running their “opinions in places like the New York Times, claiming that opiate had no medical use. This was not factual, but it separated them from the evil doctors providing pain relief. The few that were not frighted out of the business. Other Doctors used their authority to peddle new age cures, disparage people with pain, and stigmatize their patients. They claimed that every person with a pain condition was an addict. Plenty of psychologists reinforced this Fake News. It was a great way to market themselves on Social Media. The tech billionaires wanted to hear how poverty despair and pain were all a matter of mindset.

    Keep Gas lighting us, after all our media brought us this guy. Now lies and complicity are as American as Apple Pie!

  • Stop attacking opioid companies! Pain patients need opioids to survive. The opioid crisis is on the streets, and it should be called the heroin crisis. Stop this opioid hysteria. Patients are committing suicide, and quite frankly, your infringing on their human rights, as stated by the World Health Organization and other Human Rights groups. Stay out of our healthcare!

  • Google has ads to order fentyl from China delivered to your home in fake packaging. Also our Canadian boarder shipping supply is scantly secured. So easy a kid could run his own business. We need to plug these scandalous holes now.

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