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WASHINGTON — Some days, President Trump vows to eliminate them.

But then, there are days when his top health lieutenants promise to empower them. There are even days when they do both.


The mixed and muddled signals from the administration are over the increasingly contentious role of the pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs. Those discordant signals reflect a lack of clarity from Trump and his lieutenants over how best to address one of their top priorities: how to lower prescription drug prices.

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  • Excellent article, Ike. Perhaps, a grassroots-level effort needs to be mounted by a consortium of patient-centric organization. As Malhotra says in his comment, it’s no rocket science to figure out a win-win cost structure; if only we could keep the lobbyists out.

  • It is hard to make policy when Industry Insiders control the dialogue. We are so far past any kind of sensible legislation. The “Fix” is in, the are going to do the same thing the Industries did to the A.C.A. Anything this guy comes up with, will be in response to whatever false narrative Pharma and their complicit journalists and media outlets is peddling this week. The obscene amounts of profits have undermined our elected officials, policy makers and even the facts. It is time for Universal Healthcare, the only solution here. the Fact that they are discussing the broken corrupt system is further proof. We are already paying for these schemes, and corrupt officials, are too conflicted by industry money and misinformation.

  • “If you figure out what Trump’s up to, let me know,” one health care lobbyist said. “We don’t have a clue.”

    The most significant question is, “why is the executive branch of the federal government, still creating obstacles for prescribing physicians, and intent on overseeing the relationship between the physicians and their patients?”

    The person who has the least of care and compassion, still is insinuating himself in our lives, with earnestly attempts, to create the new “world order,” to which, he and his bff, are truly the most benefitial recipients, than all the pharmas’ combined.

    I will never stop speaking to the reprehensible individuals who have no right to be in the treatment rooms of any citizens, in a once democratic nation.

    The appointment of the head of the regulation committees are as responsible for the current, seemingly criminal behaviors that are of no benefit for the citizens who have rights that, in my opinion, are not being honored. That branch of our federal government, is a significant problem with everything that is chaotic and rife with consequences for our citizens; the only individuals who are benefiting from their intrusion into our private health care practitioners and us, is every single one of them!

  • With so much of brain power we have it is an easy exercise to figure out the cost structure of drugs. One can easily see that PBMs are gouging the system and they will not roll over and play dead and let the go of the golden goose.
    The following analysis tells us the story.

    Flow of Money Through the Pharmaceutical Distribution System (

    PBMs are going to kill every path that will lower their profits. Be aware lobbyists you will need to sharpen your pencils.

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