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WASHINGTON — For a year, lawmakers here have made bogeymen of pharmaceutical wholesalers, accusing the corporations of accelerating the opioid crisis by callously dumping addictive pain drugs into small towns that didn’t need them. But now, a federal court is flipping the script.

The U.S. District Court in Alaska ruled this month that the drug distributor AmerisourceBergen must continue to ship opioids to a pharmacy in Anchorage, Alaska, even though the distributor itself flagged the orders as excessive and suspicious.


It is a decision that defies a conventional wisdom developed by Congress, a presidential commission, law enforcement, and a bevy of pending lawsuits, all of which place at least some blame for the country’s addiction epidemic on distributors. They say the corporations focused on their bottom line at all costs, even in the face of skyrocketing overdose and addiction rates.

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  • The compounding pharmacy whom I have been using for my melatonin ( to help me sleep, which is definitely not an opioid, nor any type of class of medications that require a “class,” whatsoever ), and where I have them ship to me in NH, they are in Melbourne, FL, so on Saturday afternoon 01 September 2018, had been opened and then the post office, never returned the pills back in the bottles correctly.

    I received a super glued box with tape outside the box; the pharmacy has never done this before. I know damn well that the post office was the culprit here. The pills are very costly, and they were scattered all around the inside of the tampered with box.

    No surprise to me, I am short 28 of my prescription for my compounded melatonin! I am going to call the FL pharmacy, and they will resend me the absent pills.

    It’s the Labor Day weekend, otherwise I would have gone to the post office already. Now I am going to request that the pharmacy repack my future medications with shrink rap, and tapped like they are glassware items. If I continue to receive my melatonin and the supplements that I have always purchased from this pharmacy too, because they have the highest quality of supplements too, which those do come shrink wrapped already from the manufacturer of the supplements, and if I receive my medications from them tampered with again, I am going to try to find if I am able to sue the post office. I intend to bring my medications to the post office first and allow them to see for themselves, that I do not have any medications that are, flipping opioids. I am beyond angry, yet I am the type of person who tries to reason with others first. I have never sued anyone before, ( although I definitely could have, for very obvious reasons which I was told that I definitely would have been successful in my bringing the other to court ), I try to live in the moment. I don’t want to live with a court case that I would win; that is not the type of life that I want for myself.

    This situation is because of the hopefully ousted administration from our country’s West Wing. The current pathos is hopefully going to be ousted from our nation’s highest office ever; all of them are complicit in what the citizens of our once great nation, that everyone of them have been responsible for each of the individuals who are now being treated as though we reside in a ruthless regime. I am going to be one vote amongst the majority who will succeed in getting them all out of our nation, and then we could try to restore our democracy and civil rights once again. Before they destroy those even more than they already have done.

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