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WILMINGTON, Del. — Three miles from the sprawling U.S. campus of the pharmaceutical giant Astrazeneca, Kerri Evelyn Harris was campaigning to unseat the man who put it there.

Some 200 people had crammed into folding chairs, stood along walls, and spilled into hallways of a community center for a look at the candidate mounting a long-shot bid to unseat Sen. Tom Carper, an 18-year-incumbent, in the state’s Democratic Senate primary this Thursday.


Harris’s go-to campaign topics include drug pricing, special interests, the opioid crisis — and what she views as the throughline joining all three: the pharmaceutical industry.

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  • It is truly appalling when these so called journalists always protect the industry. They threaten anyone who is not in the Industries pocket. They have to mention the jobs, as if eigning in the cruel adn criminal behavior of the pharma industry is going to take away our jobs. This is like a bad episode of South Park, maybe that is where they got the idea. Perhaps the opiate epidemic was really a jobs program, not unbridled corporate greed, encouraged by corrupt politicians on the take, and physicians that “just did not know.”

    Maybe some of these healthcare ‘journalists” should disclose the Pharma Funded “education” they receive at high end resorts where they get educated with cocktails, hookers, and Kobe beef.

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