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RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Among the 30,000 attendees of the Rutherford Street Fair, sweating it out on the street between the zeppoles and deep-fried Oreos, was the pharmaceutical millionaire who wants to be their next senator.

Bob Hugin, the former CEO of Celgene, spent Labor Day walking through the crowd with a phalanx of staff and volunteers, each with a sign and a T-shirt bearing his name. They chanted, cheered, and sloganeered as Hugin’s would-be constituents looked on, varyingly bemused or befuddled at the merry little militia demonstrating in their town. Hugin shook hands, posed for photos, and remembered to say “good to see you” but never “nice to meet you.”

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  • NO choice. Disingenuous and proven corrupt, both of them.
    Menéndez is terrible but my mind immediately goes to the pharma guy. I wonder how many people he bankrupted or killed with his business practices? I wonder how much of our tax dollars are actually subsidizing his $20m campaign??
    These types of candidates need to face the music. The corruption must stop.

  • A Pharma Industry background is all that is required to sit on a Federal regulatory Board. The only requirements to hold public office anymore are unlimited funds and loose morals. It looks like the end of Democracy, and the beginning of more deaths, due to our Systems refusal to look at facts.

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