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BOSTON — Dr. Carl June, introduced as “the cancer slayer” at an immunotherapy conference here, challenged scientists to be far more aggressive about pushing their perspectives in the White House and Congress.

What would he tell President Trump in the Oval Office? “Listen to scientists,’’ he said.


At the opening of the CAR-TCR summit Wednesday, June said, “I think we need to be vocal. I think, unfortunately, scientists have not been very good at making their case.” He lamented that the public hears scientists talk about global warming but little else, and described how his late wife’s cancer diagnosis put him on a mission to take on cancer.

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  • I 100% agree that scientists must be more willing and able to articulate to lay people what they are doing and have done. We not only need to listen to scientists, scientists need to know how to speak, and be enthusiastic to do it. It is so very important, especially now.

  • That’s going to be a challenge for scientists.
    They should be able to explain the issues at a 5th-grade-children level of understanding, with the added challenge of doing it to someone that, not only doesn’t have that child innocence, but is totally immoral.

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