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BALTIMORE — The Trump administration’s restrictions on hiring foreign scientists are making it more difficult for the agency to attract top scientific talent, a top Food and Drug Administration official said Thursday.

“[The policy] definitely has created an additional challenge, I think, for us,” said Melanie Keller, the FDA’s acting associate commissioner for scientific and clinical recruitment. She added that “the U.S. just doesn’t graduate the number that we need to fill our vacancies.”

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  • How can the public sector expect to attract anyone with other options (i.e., those not shackled by draconian immigration laws) when their pay is abysmal, their work environment is depressing, and whatever goods they do produce are immediately parasitized and profited off of by the private sector?

  • Who knew that Racism, Xenophobia, Greed and Stupidity would have an impact on our public health. Perhaps these concerned people should have spoken up a couple of years ago. Nurses, Nursing Home workers, and even Hospital Staff has all been effected. We wont even know how many lives this will cost, because that information is inconvenient too.

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