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WASHINGTON — One of the Food and Drug Administration’s top officials says that consolidation in the drug distributor market has made it less attractive for companies to sell generic drugs — and that raising prices of the drugs might actually invite more competition.

“This is a silent crisis,” said Janet Woodcock, director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, said Friday. “It’s very bad.”

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  • Another “Crisis” created by Industry Insiders and Pharma Lobbyists. We need to Privatize these operations to ensure a steady supply of inexpensive medications. Clearly the Industry has run it’s course. If it weren’t for these insiders and the corrupt politicians we would not be here now.

  • This is actually an old issue we have dealt with over many years and makes sense. Having sat on Pharmacy GPO Committees while in hospital practice, working at a GPO and in industry with some generic SKUs and drugs, we dealt with this. In industry, we actually tried to negotiate a highe price model, with guaranteed supply. Selling drugs as a lost leader at or below manufacturing cost is a poor clinical/financial model. Number one, we need drugs to treat patients and two, what is fair market value.

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