The biopharma company Amarin is making some heart-medicine history Monday with its proprietary, prescription formulation of fish oil, called Vascepa.

In a stunning clinical trial result that upends years of skepticism about the long-term heart benefit of products containing omega-3 fatty acids, Amarin’s Vascepa significantly reduced the risk of deaths, heart attacks, strokes, and other serious cardiovascular events compared to a placebo.

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  • Not having access to the data I can’t judge the merits of the fish oil. However, reading this article I can judge its style. The writing comes across as promotional advertising, not as news reporting. Advertising should be identified as such in the newspaper.

  • In my opinion, fish oil is completely inactive.
    prof. Angelo Forgione
    Specialist in Internal Medicine

  • Another Pharmaceutical that think that their smarter than the rest of us humans. Your out pricing people again. Let fool and trick the people into your
    “So called, new invention that has been around for thousands of year.” Your out to take screw more people out of their money. Its a scam people. I have been taking vitamins since I was seven. My mother was really into vitamin health. She is 90 yrs old and doing great on her same vitamins from health store. I’m in my sixties and look like I’m Fourty. You have to start young. You have to work out.
    Take vitamins. Just if its all your B’s and a Vit C. Fish oil for brain and B 12. Work out lifting something to keep arms strong and knee bends to keep knees strong. Only a 15 minute Work out. Stop watching commericals. Anytime someone on a commercial is trying to sell you something it pertains to them making money. The Lord is listening. Pray- open your door to him. He knocks waiting for you to ask for help. I’ve been hit five times by a car. I took good care of myself..ate my vitamins, tried to hold the pain no matter how intense. I stated off sugar and a lot of salt. Now, I can back this up. I was a nurse and I’m still studying every night terminology. I won’t give up.
    Good spirit, happy friends, love God, have FAITH, take vitamins. If you have to cry, cry. Get it out. God died the worse death for us. He loves you. Don’t give up. The devil will pound you to die. But through Faith, God keeps a live. I’ve seen it, Good Luck, God Bless.
    And for all the scammers out their, you better be on the Lords side and l, do not take advantage of people that your pushing your meds on. Salmon
    Fish oil us just fine!

  • Need to see safety details since fish oil may increase bleeding risk in patients on anticoagulant therapy!

    • You’re absolutely correct. That price is a joke. The problem is when people see the true cost they say “oh, but insurance pays for most if it”. That’s just another reason insurance is so expensive.

  • Wow, Amarin stock tripled this AM ! Looks like a good short candidate as the market finds out this is like selling alleve in a new color box and calling it a back pain medicine… same ingredients. Wish we had an FDA not contolled by Trump,s grifters so we could get good input on this stuff.

  • Fish Oil as a supplement has been around for years. Why is this different and why do you need a prescription ? Anybody know ?

  • Oh gee…. Costco Vitacom Sams etc… all sell fish oil and people who’ve taken it know the benefits of taking low cost fish oil supplements WITHOUT the ridiculously high cost from a Pharmaceutical company which decides to offer nearly the same thing only at a much higher cost because its prescription… what news!

  • To put this in context, the result should be compared with results of other industry-sponsored research for other drugs in other categories where there is enough real-world data to confirm or invalidate the industry’s initial findings.

    In other words, what are the odds this will hold up?

    • Agreed, Nicolas! If the only difference is this is purer, and it has the same side-effect profile as the OTC ones, there is no excuse for insisting on a high-priced script

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