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It’s been a wild Monday for Amarin (AMRN). The biopharma company’s stock price is soaring on the readout of a large clinical trial showing its proprietary, prescription formulation of fish oil cut the risk of bad cardiovascular events like heart attacks and stroke in patients by an astounding 25 percent.

With these new study results, Amarin and its omega-3 capsules — sold under the brand name Vascepa — are poised to make heart-medicine history. What was a niche commercial product may soon become a gold standard, add-on therapy to statins prescribed to millions of Americans. Billions of dollars in sales are potentially up for grabs for Amarin.

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  • Today it became known the price of the monthly course Vascepa-278$. And you know it says a lot. Around Vascepa created a sensation, and not without the help of money Amarin. I’m sure they managed to bribe the right people, even the FDA. And hopefully, they will not be able to promote their “drug”. Otherwise, we will all have to pay not only with money, but also with health.

  • Amarin just created a hype around Vascepa. After all, in fact, it has no clinical effect. Previously, there have been many studies of fish oil, and the effect was the same as the placebo.

  • There’s a direct link AMARIN with fradulent pharmaceutical companies Novartis and Daiichi Sankyo The name for that link is Natasha Nelson, former Executive Director of Ethics and Compliance Officer for Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Being an expert at off-label promotion Natasha Nelson is a brilliant deal for AMARIN in its tensions against the FDA, as well as cheating Medicare and Medicaid out of millions of dollars.

  • What REDUCE-IT released, was what the pharmaceutical industry calls a ‘topline result’. Not actual data, just a news release put out by Amarin stating that their trial met their goals. The headline that made Amarin millions overnight was a partial leak meant to excite investors. A typical move for yet another pump and dump corporation!

  • I believe that Amarin must be kept away from the industry. This company uses Vascepa (their only product since 2012, isn’t it a bit odd?), the add-on medicine, to pump their stock ad excite investors. I’m surprised to see that such schemes still work in our country.

  • The entire adequate part of the medical community is waiting for more detailed data about Amarin’s product research. Not just another article with “One wonderful fish oil pill can prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 25%” and blah blah blah…

  • Omega-3s increase vascular prostacyclin, which greatly inhibits platelet aggregation. A colleague of mine, Dr. Jim Aiken, found he could inhibit heart attacks in dogs when he almost totally occluded the coronary artery in dogs as long as they were getting an infusion of prostacyclin. I suspect that studies of high dose fish oil, whether prescription or not, will continue to show great promise in cardiovascular disease.

    • Excellent information. Every fish oil I know except for Vascepa, prescription or not, and especially non-prescription, has DHA, which increases LDL-C, known to have a negative effect on the morphology and synthesis of prostacyclin, counter to that of HDL-C. That’s why no clinical study of over-the-counter fish oil usage has proven a reduction in meaningful MACE statistics.

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