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WASHINGTON — The latest version of a bill to address the opioid crisis will not include an unrelated, drug industry-backed provision that would relieve drug companies of some of their responsibility for certain Medicare drug costs, multiple lobbyists with knowledge of the bill told STAT.

The bill also will not include any version of the CREATES Act, a long-stalled bill to incentivize the production of cheaper generic and biosimilar drugs.

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  • These Pharma and Addiction groups that have been cashing on on the so called opiate epidemic need to be criminalized. The of this is mess started with Industry marketing, and our government failed to react. This article was deceptive in stating that pain patients were dismissed because the groups too money from Pharma, there is still a legitimate need for pain medication. Pharma and the medical industry co opted and undermined all of the patient advocacy groups, rendering most to repeating industry narratives. PhRMA also regularly wines, dines and “educates” journalists at luxury resorts, in order to get them to mislead the public.

    The main fact here was that the ACA was corrupted by industry money, Congress was corrupted by industry money, and even the opiate epidemic, was allowed to run rampant as people died. the time for action was years ago, but our politician were too busy taking Industry money andd lying to thei rconstituents. This Corruption led to a lot of deaths, and the rates are increasing. We cannnot trust Congress or anyone in this corrupt regime to do the right thing. There will certainly be some surprses when this Bill Passes, including “Faith Based Addiction Treatment” and plenty of useless but expensive alternatives, and choices. In Post Fact America, the same criminals that created this crisis, are supposed to fix it. there are no reporting requirements as to the effectiveness of any of these treatments. The people that overdosed on the alternative pharma products won;t get counted either. They ruined lives and let people die, wile they enriched themselves and lied.

    The media coverage

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