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I was right about Geron (GERN).

Janssen, the pharma arm of Johnson & Johnson, decided to end a partnership with Geron to develop the blood disease drug imetelstat. And as you might expect, Janssen’s no-go decision caused Geron shares to plunge. The stock is down 62 percent to $2.39 in Thursday trading.

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  • I think the 8 partial/complete remissions in Imerge trial and 29.9MOS and still unreached MOS for triple negative patients in Imbark is worthy of a follow up. I also wrote into Geron’s management to learn about the coincidence of cytopenia and neutropenia adversities with effective responses in MDS patients. If the safety issues are tied to effective treatment obviously that paints a different picture of the safety profile. It’s possible given that telomere shortening is not a precision attack and people with naturally short telomeres might be especially sensitive to both the positive and negative effects of the drug.

  • The whole thing was a criminal act by Geron and Jnj. This is the real definition of collusion, will not be long until lawsuits and investigations. The two are guilty of misleading investors. Spin it how you want, insider trading is illegal, and enough evidence was dropped along the way to prove guilt. See everyone in court, looking forward to seeing Jnj there.

  • Adam

    Why did Janssen post job openings in August and September if they were going to opt out?

    I also saw slide presentations in August and September from Janssen again stating they were hoping to take Imetelstat to Phase 3

    What changed in 30 days? 30 days ago Imetelstat was in their forward looking statements

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