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WASHINGTON — Drug companies and medical device manufacturers would have to disclose payments and gifts made to nurse practitioners and physician assistants beginning in 2020 as part of a new law Congress is likely to finalize within days, significantly expanding a sunshine law that previously only applied to doctors.

The new rules would also apply to clinical nurse specialists, nurse-anesthetists, and nurse-midwives.

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  • They are Gas Lighting us again. The very powerful Device Industry, along with their Industry Insiders on regulatory boards, compromised here. The payment to NPs and Nurses are a pretty inconsequential part of their business and misleading marketing efforts. There should be a registry of all devices, accessible by the patient, before and after their procedure.

    In Post Fact America this is done to give the appearance of transparency. We have the ability to track all kinds of data, but even Medicare, the agency that pays for a lot of these devices, with our money, is not allowed to collect this data. The Device Industry told Congress it was government overreach. Hospital Records are altered to avoid any kind of disclosure or tracking.

    The FDA Failed to protect American patients, while allowing a lot of dangerous or ineffective devices to be marketed. Patients affected by these devices, have been shut down, and the media carefully avoids any coverage. The rates of infection, post surgical adverse events and deaths, have all been expanded away.
    Hospital Administrators found it was more profitable to threaten ad Gas Light surviving patients who created more business for them. The used misinformation about the so called Opiate Epidemic, to hide the numbers of people with long term chronic pain from these devices. It was a brilliant bit of public relations and propaganda, and profitable.

    Not one so called “Healthcare Journalist” ever asked where it the data. There are thousands of people with defective devices, many have silenced. Physician are not even allowed to track these devices or even report problems in the billing code system.
    It is not a coincidence that a return visit to a Surgical Center, where they are protecting their own, will result in a denial that the device even exists. They undermine the patients credibility and attack them, even attributing the reported pain to Opioid Abuse. They were able to classify 76 year old women with multiple hip surgeries as “Drug Seeking” if they reported any discomfort or difficulty moving after multiple hip surgeries, and replacements of defective devices. The reporting of payments to NPs is not going to effect the Industry one iota. We are now Post Fact here in the US

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