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WASHINGTON — A Republican lobbying firm, the CGCN Group, is behind this week’s launch of the shadowy drug pricing organization, Alliance to Protect Medical Innovation, a partner at the firm confirmed to STAT Thursday.

It is still unclear who is funding the organization, but the group admitted Thursday it relied on some “seed money from people inside the [drug] industry.” The brand drug lobby BIO also said in a new release on its website Thursday that it is joining as one of APMI’s first members.

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  • This is the norm now in the US. The American People get fed up with the criminal behavior of the Pharmaceutical industry, so a shady character finds funding to push back and paint any criticism as “Left Wing” or Un-American. This Conservative Dark Money Group, will be able to use the Facebook propaganda machine, just like they did to peddle extremism, racism and hoe here in the US. Conservatives have already made it clear, that only certain people deserve healthcare, and unlimited profiteering is fine, even if people die. There might very well be some good research or possible breakthroughs from some branch of Pharma, but this has been overpowered by repackaging old drugs to raise the prices, to guaranteeing unlimited profits from the ACA, while railing against it. We need to get used to living in Post Fact Post Science America, where a propagandist, with embrace the most noxious views and ruin lives, in pursuit of profit.

  • Sounds to me that this group is up to something fishy like maybe helping influence government to let the laws stay the way they are. By not disclosing it’s client list it makes it apear underhanded . Otherwise why not disclose their client list? The people are tired of the high cost of drugs and the favoritism they’ve been handed for way too long. I’m all for capitalization but when there is a product that is a necessity to the well being of the public there should be a line drawn when it comes to fair pricing.

  • This pharmaceutical quagmire has jeopardized the health of U.S. Citizens. I doubt America will be a competitive force in the world of medicine much longer. Other countries will surpass us with newer, more innovative and health-improving methods.

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