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Matinas BioPharma (MTNB) shelved development of a prescription formulation of fish oil three years ago. The tiny company, with a stock that trades for pennies, decided investors would be more interested in its drug delivery technology and a small pipeline of anti-infectives.

But then Amarin (AMRN) happened. Amarin’s stock price soared to all-time highs — adding nearly $5 billion in market cap — on the readout of a large clinical trial showing its proprietary fish oil drug, called Vascepa, cut the risk of bad cardiovascular events like heart attacks and stroke in patients by an astounding 25 percent.

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  • I follow the news after Amarin. It’s all very interesting about Vascepa. Fish oil they are positioned as purified. Clinical trials are highly questionable. Amarin employees participated Vascepa’s clinical trials. In general, the company has raised the hype in the press, the stock cost has rised.

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