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WASHINGTON — The top ranking Democrat on the Senate health committee has “a number of concerns” with how the Food and Drug Administration might regulate medical software such as smartphone apps.

“It is essential that changes to FDA’s regulatory framework are done in compliance with the current statutory framework and do not compromise public safety,” the senators wrote in a letter to the FDA Wednesday.


Over the past year, the FDA has been working with companies like Apple and Fitbit to set up a program that would enable companies to sell some medical software, without agency reviewing it. The software could include computer programs that look at medical images or lab results and diagnose a disease, for example.

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  • Just imagine what they will do with that Data. Facebook and several other companies have run psychological tests on unsuspecting users. They can link this data with reactions to advertising, fake news or political ads on Facebook or other Social Media. The details and the underhanded dealings of the corporations involved have not been discussed in any mass media.

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