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Is the next big idea in oncology a bust? What does “successful” mean, exactly? And why does Wall Street hate biotech all of a sudden?

We discuss all that and more on the latest episode of “The Readout LOUD,” STAT’s biotech podcast. Tune in for a discussion of a surprise move by Celgene that has some people questioning whether a hot field in immuno-oncology might be slated for disappointment. Then we tell the tale of Trevena, a biotech company that spent years talking up its cozy relationship with the Food and Drug Administration only to be crushed by the revelation of some contrary facts. And then biotech investor David Sable joins us to talk about the booming business of fertility medicine, going over what’s happening — and what’s not — in the in vitro fertilization world. Finally, we’ll embark upon yet another lightning round, touching on a new gender parity law in California, biotech’s supposed bear market, and a booming IPO for some CAR-T cancer therapy pioneers.

For more on what we cover, here’s the Celgene news; here’s more on Trevena; and here’s the story on that CAR-T IPO.


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