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The field of fertility medicine is booming right now. Women are waiting longer and longer to have children. Same-sex couples looking to start families are increasingly turning to in vitro fertilization. And investors are pouring money into startups pitching egg freezing and genetic testing and other services to young women.

There are few observers more qualified to weigh in on this business than Dr. David Sable. Sable previously spent years as an IVF doctor and now he invests in biotech on Wall Street, as a portfolio manager for the firm Special Situations.


Sable got on the phone with STAT to talk about how he sees the future of IVF.

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  • Of course it is, no regulations, and outright lies make it a great time to mislead the public and dupe investors. Now this stuff doesn’t even have to work or be based in Science, to make billions. They can always peddle some to the alternative medicine market too.

  • The title of this article in seems to indicate that one would gain some perspective on new advances or developments worth watching in the field of reproductive med. Unfortunately, the details revealed are really not insightful on any breakthroughs, and are just a summary of what has been going on for sometime now. The only new detail appears to be this investor is pushing to lower costs to make it accessible to everyone; however no real meaningful details on to how are provided. I was quite underwhelmed as the title really captured my attention to hear what might be going on in this area where I do believe there is great untapped opportunities.

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