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WASHINGTON — Even before it was announced, drug makers threatened to sue the Trump administration over a new policy that would require them to include prices in their TV ads.

Now that the proposal is official, the better question about a lawsuit may be “When?” Already on Monday, drug makers doubled down on their argument that the government is violating their First Amendment rights by compelling them to disclosure their prices.

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  • No violations of first amendment rights in the required posting of prices. The goal is “public right to know “. Everything for sale is promoted with a price and price competition is routine business.

  • A few weeks ago, our predatory Pharma Industry and their sycophant Azar, were complaining about listing the Side Effects on their products. This deceptive advertising used to be Illegal in the US food for good reason. Drug prices are still rising exponentially and price gouging, is now a perfectly acceptable business practice. Our media normalized all of this and continues to misinform the public.

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